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Precision Balls

Welcome to the Global – Precision Ball and Roller catalog. Here at Global, we offer a wide selection of ball products that are unparalleled in the industry. Balls are produced from .039” (1mm) to over 10” (254.0mm) in nearly every material and grade required per customer specifications. View precision ball menu by material.

Our ball products are manufactured to the American Bearing Manufacturers Association Standards (ABMA -, ISO 3290, DIN and JIS/SUS standards. To meet your required specifications for any project, balls can be manufactured with special tolerances, finishes and geometry requirements.

Due to our proficient manufacturing capacity, reserves of a large array of ball products are available for immediate purchase. To find out more about our products, please browse the catalog below, or contact one of our technicians to help you determine the proper product for your application.

High Precision Balls

Global's high-precision division meets even the most challenging needs for high performing precision balls. These products are continually maintained and improved by experienced engineers and knowledgeable customer service representatives. View precision ball menu by material.


Precision & Semi Precision Balls

Global's semi-precision division & distribution center meets the needs for custom orders and for standard applications alike. In addition, a large selection of ABMA parts is stocked for immediate delivery. Environmental conditions and performance requirements are carefully taken into consideration. View precision ball menu by material.


Specialty Balls (Plastics and Metals)

Global's specialty division offers any other ball type you might need. Balls are available in plastic, ceramic and metal varieties. These are manufactured in smaller volumes, and are typically created from standard and specialty polymer resins.

Our plastic balls are created from custom injection molding. In addition, the packaging and assembly of these component parts takes place in a Class 8 Cleanroom for various medical devices and medical diagnostics. All resins used are FDA approved.

Using standard Alumina Oxide Ceramic, Tungsten Carbide materials, and smaller volumes of standard steels we also produce ceramic and metal balls. By custom request, we can also produce products from a variety of other specialty ceramic and metal materials. View precision ball menu by material.