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Type 316 Stainless Steel

We provide high-quality steel balls for many commercial applications in multiple industries. Each of our balls is designed for a different purpose, which is based on the chemical composition of the material. That being said, there are many different steel options to choose from. If you have trouble deciding which type of steel would be best for your application, our team is more than happy to help you navigate your options.

If you require a steel ball that has excellent corrosion resistance but doesn’t necessarily need high strength for your application, then our type 316 stainless steel ball will work for you. This material is commonly used for steel ball applications in the cosmetics and aerosol industry, but not limited to just glamorous sectors such as this, as you will learn more about as you read on!


All stainless steels are metal alloys. This means they’re manufactured with a combination of various elements, such as chromium, carbon, and nickel. Engineers can manipulate the amount of each element to produce a steel that fits a specific application. Type 316 stainless steel includes:

  1. Chromium – 16% – 18%
  2. Carbon - .08% Max
  3. Silicon – 1% Max
  4. Molybdenum – 2% - 3%
  5. Nickel – 10% - 14%
  6. Manganese – 2% Max
  7. Phosphorous - .045%
  8. Sulphur – .03% Max

This composition leaves you with a material that has excellent resistance to sulfurous acids and other corrosive acids and environments. Type 316 stainless steel has a tensile strength of 90,000 psi and a yield strength of 45,000.


The resistance to acidic environments makes it ideal for applications in the cosmetic and aerosol industry. In the cosmetic industry, type 316 stainless steel balls are commonly used as roll-on applicators for eye creams, cosmeceuticals, essential oils, and even homeopathic pain relievers. In the aerosol industry, these steel balls are used in perfumes, colognes, air fresheners, cooking spray, and more. Other industrial-type applications of balls in this material are frequently found in the energy and gas industry, in chemical injectors in process system pipelines. It is also used in water treatment applications, and fluid processing situations.


To produce high-quality steel balls, we implement a strict manufacturing process that results in ball bearings that will get the job done. This 5-step process includes heading, flashing, heat treating, grinding, and polishing.

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