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Type 430 Stainless Steel

At Global Precision, we’re on a mission to provide the best steel balls to ensure your application’s requirements are met. We know how many material choices are out there, and we understand selecting the perfect one for your application may seem impossible. You need to consider multiple aspects of your project, such as if you need a material that’s resistant to corrosion, one that’s hard, or one that’s strong. If you’re not sure what you need or what material is best, someone from the Global Precision team would love to help you navigate your options. Our type 430 stainless steel ball is a popular choice for multiple applications, which includes cosmetics, aerosols, and more.


Like all stainless steels, type 430 stainless steel is composed of a specific combination of different metals. Engineers manipulate the levels of each element to produce a material designed for specific tasks and applications. The chemical composition of 430SS includes:

  1. Chromium – 16%-18%
  2. Carbon - .12% Max
  3. Sulphur - .03% Max
  4. Manganese – 1% Max
  5. Phosphorous - .04% Max
  6. Silicon – 1% Max

This specific combination of elements gives type 430 stainless steel a higher corrosion resistance compared to the rest of the 400 stainless steel line. The material is not as strong as other members of the 400 series, such as 440C or 420, though.


Due to the high corrosion resistance, type 430 stainless steel balls are ideal for many applications that don’t require tremendous strength. These balls are very popular in the cosmetic industry as steel agitators or mixing balls for nail polish, liquid eyeliners, mascara, nail art applicators, and more.


Like all of our steel balls, 430 grade stainless steel balls go through our diligent 5-step manufacturing process. This process starts with heading the ball blanks, then they’re flashed, heat treated, ground and finally finished with a polish or lapping. After this, the steel balls are inspected, to ensure that the end product meets the customer’s specifications as detailed on their drawing, or purchase order.

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