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52100 Chrome Steel

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52100 chrome steel is a material made up of mostly carbon and chromium. This combination makes the metal durable, and hard, which is ideal in a variety of different cases. 

Composition & Properties

This material is a metal alloy, meaning that it is the sum of different metals combined. The 52100 chrome steel properties are as follows:

  1. Carbon – 0.98 - 1.1
  2. Phosphorus – 0.025 max
  3. Sulphur – 0.025 max
  4. Chromium – 1.3 – 1.6
  5. Silicon – 0.15 – 0.35
  6. Iron – Balance
  1. Manganese –0.25 – 0.45
  2. 52100 steel has a density of 7.81g/cm3 and a melting of 1424 degrees C (2595 F).
  3. When at room temperature this material has a hardness of 60-67 on the Rockwell “C” scale.


When attempting to do heat treatment with 52100 chromium steel, heat up to 1500 degrees F. Then give the material an oil quench—this allows it to reach the desired hardness with less risk of cracking.

If you wish to hot work this material, you must do this between 400-1000 degrees F.


This material comes with many advantages. The material results in a final product with superior hardness, high load carrying capacity, resistant to corrosion, and more.

This material can operate at temperatures reaching 120 degrees C (248 F).

These advantages are just a few of the reasons why various industries utilize 52100 steel. 


Since this material is durable, smooth, and can handle high temperatures, it is the ideal choice for many automotive applications. Use our precision 52100 chrome steel balls in steering wheels, seat tracks, power doors, constant-velocity joints, and other essential parts to your car.

Many industries use chrome steel balls & rollers where excellent precision and durability are required.

We craft all our precision balls & rollers with a five-step production process. We handle each step, from heading to polishing, with extreme attention to detail. This ensures that you end up with a finished product that will perform under the most demanding conditions. Contact us for more information about our 52100 chrome steel balls & rollers today!

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