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Market Applications

Aerosol Commercial and Industrial Balls and Rollers

Global Precision supplies stainless steel balls to the aerosol and valve dispensing industry. For this industry, products require a one-way valve that restricts the flow of chemicals or fluids in one direction but allows the contents to pass through the valve when opened or released. The ideal ball for this industry is the 300 series stainless steel because of the corrosion-resistant characteristics of the material. The AISI Type 302 and 304 offer the corrosion resistance necessary for a one-way ball valve when in contact with chemicals, salt, and acids. There are several different aerosol valve applications involving household products like detergents, cleaning products, perfume and cologne, air fresheners, automotive and small engine cleaners, and automotive lubricants. There are times when a Type 316 or 316L are required, also a member of the 300 series family. The aerosol valves are used with paints, anti-perspirant, carb cleaners, room fresheners, and cooking spray. Whether the need is for a finger pump, trigger pump, or an aerosol valve, we have the proper precision ball for you.

The stainless steel balls that we supply are manufactured by ISO-9001:2015 and TS-16949-certified manufacturers for the best quality available on the market. All of our products feature a consistent shape with a smooth surface finish to reduce friction and prevent the collection of particles and fluid on the ball. This makes our stainless steel balls ideal for use in aerosol valves, one-way ball valves, and other containers that require a tight seal to restrict the flow of fluid.

Contact us at 860-210-0808 for additional information about aerosol valves, one-way ball valves, and other applications in the Aerosol industry. Global Precision Ball & Roller is a proud veteran-owned company, and our friendly team of steel ball and roller experts is standing by to help with any questions you may have.

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ISO TS 16949: 2009

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