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Borosilicate Glass Balls

Global Precision Ball & Roller is on a mission to provide the best balls for your business to ensure that all your applications are adequately met. With so many options out there, it can be difficult to find the best ball for your needs. There is a lot to consider, including material strength, corrosion resistance, durability in acidic environments, heat tolerance, and much more. If your industry or application calls for a ball that has resistance to corrosion with water, acidic compounds, organic solvents, and more, we recommend one of our borosilicate glass balls. These balls are popular in the food processing industry, pharmaceutical, roll-on applicators, pumps, and much more. 


Like most ball materials, borosilicate glass is a specific combination manufactured by engineers. This material is designed for applications that require high corrosion resistance and don’t necessarily need a material that is heat resistant. Borosilicate glass properties include:

  • SiO2 – 65.0-85.0%
  • Na20 – 3.0-9.0%
  • CaO – 2.5% Max
  • AI203 – 1.0-5.0%
  • B203 – 8.0-15.0%
  • K2O – 2.0% Max
  • BaO – 1.0% Max

This unique composition leaves you with a material with a density of 2.23 at room temperature. The Young’s modulus is 64. The softening temperature is 821/1510. Borosilicate glass has a thermal conductivity of 1.15—the relative magnetic permeability is <~1.


Since Borosilicate glass balls are good seal making balls, they are ideal for check vales during food processing. Due to the high resistance to chemicals, these balls are a popular choice in the pharmaceutical industry. These balls are used in safety valves, metering pumps, and special valves.

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