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Steel Ball Uses and Market Applications

Global Precision’s Industries Served

Oil Patch: Energy Balls and Rollers

Global Precision Ball & Roller is a major supplier to the oil production industry. We supply S-2 rockbit tool steel balls for down-hole drilling and for use in mud motors. We also supply ceramic balls (silicon nitride, alumina oxide, zirconia) for use in extreme environments.

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Cosmetics, Health and Beauty:
Commercial Balls and Rollers

As a key supplier to the health and beauty industry, Global Precision works with engineers and product designers on a variety of cosmetic, health and beauty projects, such as cosmetic packaging, cosmeceutical applicators, prototype production, nail polish agitators, and roller ball applicators for fragrance and more. We specialize in high volume, cost effective solutions for this sector. All product includes complete material and quality certification by lot number from our ISO-9001:2015 certified factories.

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Automotive Balls and Rollers

Global Precision Ball & Roller products are the smart choice for your automotive applications. Our 52100 chrome, carbon and stainless steel balls and rollers are used in constant velocity joints, seat tracks, seat belts, switches, steering wheels, and idlers. We are a tier one OEM supplier. Our manufacturers are ISO-9001:2015 and TS-16949 certified.

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Aerosol: Commercial and Industrial Balls and Rollers

Valves are one of the most common uses for steel balls. We are proud to supply high-quality valve balls to manufacturers of finger and trigger spray pumps and aerosol valves, paint sprayers, and industrial sprays and finishes.

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Agricultural and Food Applications for Balls and Rollers

In sync with Global Precision’s family values for sustainability, we are proud to support the agricultural farming industry by providing balls for the nurturing, feeding and watering of livestock and crops, from small-scale operations to large-scale production. Other applications include the food processing industry in which products are reduced or ground, as well as further processed using high quality stainless steel materials ideal for this sensitive industry.

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Material Handling: Industrial Balls and Rollers

As a dominant supplier of balls and rollers for a plethora of industrial applications including slewing rings, ball transfers, casters, idlers, clutches, and locks, you can depend upon the team at Global Precision Ball & Roller. If it turns, or rolls, you can count on our balls and rollers to get the job done correctly. Global Precision Ball & Roller is an ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier.

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Energy Sector: Commercial and Industrial Balls

With a keen interest in the Energy sector, Global Precision Ball & Roller is a supplier of balls for the wind turbine market. The most common steel ball use in the energy sector is in the crucial pitch and yaw bearings that give wind turbines their motion. We are also passionate about working with alternative energy producers and projects to help the environment and our world. Global Precision Ball & Roller is an ISO 9001:2015 certified supplier.

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Bearings: Commercial and Industrial Balls

Global Precision is a key supplier of 52100 chrome, carbon, and stainless steel precision, and non-precision balls for applications involving industrial, automotive and commercial motion devices, such as race bearings, sliding doors, furniture, water pumps, cut off-valves, and even appliances. We are a tier one OEM supplier. Our team at Global Precision Ball & Roller is ready to partner with you for all your industrial ball and roller needs on your next project.

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