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Silicon Nitride Ceramic Balls

Are you searching for the perfect material and unsure what you might need? Between various types of steels, glass, and ceramics, finding the perfect material ball for your application can quickly feel overwhelming. At Global Precision, it is our goal to make finding the right ball as painless as possible. There are many factors to consider when picking out the material. You must consider the strength, corrosion resistance, chemical absorption, durability, melting point, and price. If you are looking for help, contact someone from Global Precision. Someone from our team is always happy to point you in the right direction. Our Silicon nitride ceramic balls are popular for applications that require excellent corrosion resistance, the ability to withstand harsh conditions, high hardness, and lightweight.


Engineers are able to modify and enhance materials by combining them with other elements. This is done to attempt to create a material that suits a specific application. Unlike some of other ball offerings, silicon nitride ceramic has a pretty simple chemical composition. Silicon Nitride properties include:

Nitride – 90.0-95.0%

This composition leaves you with a material with a flexural strength of 900, a compressive strength of 2500, a hardness of 16, and a maximum use temperature of 1400C°.


Due to the excellent corrosion resistance, durability in demanding environments, lightweight nature, and strength, silicon nitride ceramic balls are used in a variety of industries. These balls are particularly popular in aerospace, industrial, defense, medical, auto industries, and more. These balls are used as high-speed balls, found in centrifugal pumps, compressors, dental drills, vacuum pumps, machine tool spindles, measurement instruments, and more.


Like all our balls, our silicon nitride ceramic balls are put through a detailed manufacturing process to ensure that you are left with a product that will perform. After this process, we ensure each ball is up to our standards with through testing.

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