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Soda Lime Glass Ball 

Global Precision specializes in providing a variety of balls in various materials, making it possible to find the right material for your specific industry and application. We understand that trying to find the perfect material for your application and industry can seem overwhelming. You need to consider material corrosion, strength, how it reacts to heat, overall durability, and much more. If you are looking for someone to help point you in the right direction, a Global Precision team member will be happy to assist you. If you are looking for an incredibly resistant material, our Soda Lime glass balls are a popular choice, especially in the cosmetic, medical, and industrial applications.


Each of our ball materials is specifically engineered to fit certain applications. Soda lime glass is designed for applications that require high corrosion resistance and not necessarily high resistance to heat. Soda Lime is created by melting silica, soda, lime (CaOH)2, dolomite, sodium chloride, sodium sulfate, and aluminum oxide. Soda Lime Glass Properties include:

  • Si02 – 63.0-81.0%
  • Na20 – 9.0-15.0%
  • Ca0 – 7.0-14.0%
  • Mg0 – 6.0% Max
  • Al203 – 2.0% Max
  • Li20 – 2.0% Max
  • K20 – 1.50 % Max
  • Ti02 – .80% Max
  • Fe203 – .80% Max
  • Pb0 – .010% Max

This composition leaves you with a material that is extremely resistant to corrosion and relatively inexpensive to make.


Since soda lime glass balls are stable and corrosion-resistant, they are ideal in various applications. Most of our soda lime balls are used in the cosmetic, medical, oil and gas, and food processing industries.


At Global Precision, we use a detailed manufacturing process, which is completed by our team of professionals. Once each ball is crafted, we thoroughly test our products to ensure you are left with a quality product.

Contact us for more information about our soda lime glass balls.

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