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Market Applications

Steel Balls for Toys and Education

In addition to our commercial and industrial applications, we also offer a range of steel balls for toys and gadgets! We supply steel balls for toys from ISO-9001:2015 and TS-16949-certified manufacturers, so you can feel even more confident in the product you create. Just like in industrial applications, our steel balls for toys are designed for smooth, consistent rotation for a satisfying spinning motion. There are a vast array of toys and gadgets that utilize a steel, glass or ceramic ball for motion, including remote-control cars, mazes with a ball at the center, pinball machines, Newton’s cradles, and many educational toys.

One of the most popular toys incorporating steel balls is the fidget spinner. These mesmerizing gadgets rely on a smooth and level rotation in order to achieve the virtually endless spinning that makes them so much fun. The secret? Consistent and smooth rotation created by balls at the base of the toy. From the small steel balls in fidget spinners to Newton’s Cradle balls and much more, we are proud to supply companies in the toys and entertainment industry with high-quality steel balls that help make such toys possible.

If you have an idea for a toy that utilizes a chrome steel, stainless steel, glass, or ceramic ball, we have a product for you. The range of ball diameters, and materials that we offer are quite vast, from precision grades to nonprecision grades, depending upon your requirement.  We can fulfill almost any need that you may have!   Let one of our friendly, experienced team members find the exact stainless steel, chrome steel, glass or ceramic ball you require.

Call us today at 860-210-0808 to find out other ways that steel balls for toys can be used to create an amazing toy or gadget! The applications for our steel balls are virtually endless. Ask one of our team members about how our products can help bring your next project to life!

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