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Tungsten Carbide Ball Bearings

Global Precision supplies steel balls in various materials and sizes. The steel balls are used in various applications in industries that range from oil and gas to cosmetics. Each steel ball type has been engineered for a specific purpose. We understand that it can be difficult to find the proper ball bearing for your application. If you get overwhelmed with the numerous options, a member from our team is always happy to guide you in the right direction.

One of our strongest and most durable options is our tungsten carbide ball bearings. This material is for the most difficult and demanding environments, such as applications in the oil and gas industry.


Each of our bearings is crafted from specific elements to serve different functions and industries. The tungsten carbide ball are made almost entirely of tungsten carbide, which is a chemical compound made from equal parts tungsten and carbon atoms. In its raw form, it’s a fine powder that you can easily press into shapes. Tungsten carbide’s composition includes:

  1. Tungsten Carbide – 93.5% - 94.5%
  2. Cobalt – 5.5% - 6.5%

This chemical makeup leaves you with an extremely hard and strong bearing when compared to steel. The ultimate tensile strength is 220,000 psi and the compressive strength is 750-790 KPSI. The hardness is between 90 and 92.


Due to its great hardness, strength, and durability, you can use tungsten carbide ball in very demanding environments and applications. They’re often used as high-load bearings, linear bearings, slideways, and checking instruments. Global Precision Ball & Roller’s tungsten carbide products are commonly used in the manufacturing of heating and air conditioning equipment for durability and reliability. Balls of this material are widely used in the oil and gas sector as well as different tooling and automotive industries since it can handle the tremendous heat and weight required. Global precision has the ability to supply tungsten carbide parts in volume, according our customer’s volume requirements.


The key to a high-quality ball bearing is the adherence to our strict manufacturing standards throughout the production process. All our ball bearings are made with great attention to detail in our 5-step production process. It starts with heading, then flashing, heat treating, grinding, and lapping/polishing the material.

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