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Zirconium Oxide Bearings

At Global Precision, we specialize in providing balls for a wide variety of industries and applications. Our products are used in numerous industries including energy, oil, aerosol products, automotive, hardware, toys, agricultural, material handling, and plenty more. One of the go-to options in the electronics, oil, agricultural, medical, and material handling industries is our Zirconium Oxide balls. These ceramic balls offer high strength, long durability, can handle large load capacities, have excellent hardness, and are resistant to abrasion and corrosion. This makes them very versatile.

With decades of time in the ball and roller industry, our team understands that selecting the best ball for your application can be tricky. There are numerous options out there including ceramics, different types of steel, and glass. If you would like some assistance in finding the right ball for your needs, feel free to contact someone from the Global Precision team. We are always happy to point our customers in the right direction.


Much like our other ceramic balls, Zirconium Oxide has a simple chemical makeup. The formula is ZrO2 + Y203, (Zirconium and 2 Oxygen + 2 Yttrium and 3 Oxygen).


This formula gives our Zirconium Oxide bearings the following properties:

  1. Density – 6
  2. Friction Coefficient – 0.2
  3. Specific Heat – 450
  4. Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion – 10.5
  5. Volume Resistivity - >10^11
  6. Thermal Conductivity – 3.5
  7. Young’s Modulus – 210
  8. Relative Magnetic Permeability - <~1
  9. Hardness – 87-91
  10. Ultimate Compressive strength – 1750-2500
  11. Service Temperature – 0/1350


While this material has a lot of strengths that would make it work in various industries, Zirconium Oxide is not ideal for high-alkaline environments or hydrofluoric and sulfuric acids.


Our Zirconium Oxide bearings are commonly used in with material handling equipment, electronics, oil industry, food processing and agricultural, energy, and medical industry.

Global Precision Standard

To ensure that every batch of our balls meets our high standards, we put each batch through tests and examine them. This ensures that your order will be high-quality.

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ISO 14001: 2004
ISO TS 16949: 2009

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