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Type 302 Stainless Steel

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We offer many different types of steel balls to ensure that you find the one that best meets your needs. However, navigating your many options can be difficult. There a lot of things to consider when deciding on what material to opt for. You must consider the corrosion resistance, strength, hardness, and more when making a determination. At Global Precision, our team can help you find the right material for your ball bearings. Our type 302 stainless steel is a popular material which a variety of industries regularly use.

Composition & Properties

All stainless steels are a combination of different metals, which makes them an alloy. By manipulating the chemical makeup, engineers can produce different grades of steel, such as 302. They tailor each grade for specific applications or industries. 302 stainless steel’s properties include:

  1. Chromium – 17% - 19%
  2. Carbon – .15% Max
  3. Nickel – 8% - 10%
  4. Manganese – 2% Max
  5. Silicon – 1% Max
  6. Phosphorous – .045% Max
  7. Sulphur – .03% Max

This combination gives type 302 stainless steel tensile strength of 80,000 – 180,000 psi. Like the rest of the 300 stainless steel series, this rank puts it on the lower end of the strength spectrum. According to the Rockwell Hardness test, this material has a hardness of 80.


Due to the high amounts of chromium, this material offers good corrosion resistance. Thanks to the carbon, it also is lightweight. Plus, it’s easy to keep clean and prevents product contamination.


Type 302 stainless steel is ideal for applications that call for a ball bearing that is resistant to corrosion, while not encountering to much pressure. We recommend this material for aerosol valves, cosmetics, agricultural, food, and material handling industries.

Like all our steel balls, our type 302 stainless steel bearings go through an intensive manufacturing process. This process has five steps, including heading, flashing, heat treating, grinding, and lapping/polishing. Our team pays an extreme amount of attention to detail, and the balls go through careful inspection. This ensures your bearing will remain in great shape for years to come.

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