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Market Applications

Energy Sector: Commercial and Industrial Balls

Global Precision Ball & Roller supplies the energy sector with forged and cast balls for grinding the coal used in coal fired utility plants. This ground coal from these plants is then used to meet our ever-growing energy needs. In homes across the country, millions of lights are on and rooms are being heated thanks in part to the high-quality products we offer. The energy sector and its businesses rely on our supply of products for a variety of steel ball and roller applications, including precision balls for wind turbines, coal plants, and more. Our products are provided by ISO-9001:2015 and TS-16949-certified manufacturers, so you can rest assured that the precision steel balls for the energy sector that you receive are made from the highest-quality materials.

Beyond just traditional coal power plants, our balls are a vital part of the clean energy movement. Wind turbines worldwide are producing clean energy thanks to our rolling elements. Each wind turbine blade is spinning because of our 52100 chrome steel balls and rollers being used in highly reliable thrust bearings. These precision balls for wind turbine bearings are vital in keeping the turbines spinning when constantly exposed to the harsh elements; they also keep them working to generate clean energy for years to come. Additionally, the balls and rollers in the pitch and yaw bearings are vital in keeping the turbines pointed in the most advantage direction to ensure maximum power output.

From traditional coal burning power plants to the future of clean energy, Global Precision Ball & Roller is a major supplier to key companies serving the energy sector. Call us today at 860-210-0808 to ask about our precision steel balls for the energy sector and how they can help you. Our friendly team is ready to answer any questions you may have regarding our products and how they can be utilized in the energy sector and related fields.

ISO 9001: 2015 
ISO 14001: 2004
ISO TS 16949: 2009

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