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Type 420 Stainless Steel

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When deciding on which material type is right for your steel ball, it’s important to consider all your options. At Global Precision, we provide a wide selection of metal ball bearing material choices. Today, engineers can curate a variety of steels and steel grades. They do this by adding certain elements at different concentrations. We specifically design our steel balls to specialize in specific tasks. Our 420 stainless steel balls are one of our most popular options due to their great strength.

Composition & Properties

The unique make up of our type 420 stainless steel balls makes it a desirable option for our customers. Like all stainless steel, this grade type is a metal alloy. Alloys are the result of a variety of different metals such as chromium, nickel, and iron. 420 stainless steel’s properties are as follows:

  1. Carbon – 0.15 max
  2. Manganese – 1.00 max
  3. Silicon – 1.00 max
  4. Chromium – 12.00 – 14.00
  5. Nickel – 0.50 max
  6. Phosphorus – 0.040 max
  7. Iron – Balance

This composition leaves you with a material that has a density of 7.74 g/cm3. Our 420 stainless steel’s hardness is a minimum of 48. It can also handle between 95,000 – 250,000 PSI.


When this material hardens and tempers it has full corrosion resistance. Our type 420 stainless steel balls are resistant to alcohol, ammonia, food environment, fresh water, petroleum, and other corrosion.

This grade of steel is extremely strong, which makes it ideal for an assortment of uses.


You can find our high-quality type 420 stainless steel balls in various industries including agricultural, automotive, cosmetic, and energy. Due to the material’s natural resistance to water, steam, air, and gasoline corrosion, it is the ideal choice for industries such as energy and agricultural.

Other general uses for this material include valves, lighters, and writing instruments.

All our stainless steel balls are crafted with extreme attention to detail to ensure that your operations will continue to run. The five-step manufacturing process includes heading, flashing, heat treat, grinding, and polishing.

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