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Type 440C Stainless Steel

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There are many different types of stainless steel. Engineers are able to modify this durable and affordable material via combining other materials together, such as carbon, chromium, nickel, and more. Manufacturers construct each grade type of stainless steel for specific uses. By manipulating the composition of the elements, you end up with materials that are specialized, including cutlery, bearings, and more. Here at Global Precision, we focus on using a variety of specialized steels as precision steel balls & rollers in many industries.

Composition & Properties

The special composition of our type 440C stainless steel balls makes it a popular option. This material is a metal alloy, which means that it is composed of various different metals. This results in a stronger more durable product. The following properties make up 440C stainless steel:

  1. Iron – 79.15
  2. Chromium – 17
  3. Carbon – 1.1
  4. Manganese ­– 1
  5. Silicon – 1
  6. Molybdenum – 0.75

This make-up leaves you with a product that has a density of 7.80 cm3. On the Rockwell hardness scale, the 440C stainless steel’s hardness is a minimum of 58.


This composition results in a material that is hard, has a lot of strength, and is corrosion resistant. Due to the material’s high amounts of carbon, this material is one of the strongest and durable stainless-steel options around.


All these advantages make this grade one of our most popular ball options. You can find our type 440C stainless steel balls in a variety of cosmetic products, agricultural and processing facilities, automotive handiwork, and much more.

Other than our steel balls, you’ll find this material in surgical instruments, high-quality cutlery, chisels, and more due to its strength and durability.

We craft our type 440C stainless steel balls with a five-step manufacturing process. The process starts with heading, which is where we cut the material into short cylinder pieces to make it easy to work into a sphere. We then flash, heat treat, grind down, and finally polish the ball. We perform each step with extreme care and attention to detail to ensure a strong and durable final product.

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